Jason Nelson

An accomplished and talented creative art director that is a 20+ year industry veteran. With a keen sense of visual style and professionalism, Jason has given an original & visual articulation to a myriad of corporations, businesses, products, celebrities and special events. His experience in the field comes from a grassroots approach to new techniques, creating his own style while building on existing trends and a solid design background. Jason enjoys taking a project from inception to execution, with the goal of bringing your vision to the marketplace. He has extensive experience in product branding, political & civil rights initiatives, community & faith based marketing, event theme design, and mass appeal projects. With a solid understanding of your needs and a design savvy attitude, Jason is equipped to make certain you exceed all your design and marketing objectives.

Jason has worked on a number of projects that reflect his unique design talents, including developing engaging designs for an already established product line for Walgreens and HBCU. For the past 4 years Jason undertook a full re-branding strategy and complete design arc of over 300 digital, web, print and social designs for two of Atlanta’s largest African American events: the 70 yr. old Bronner Bros. International Hair Show and the 25 yr. old Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair & Lifestyle Expo. Jason is also responsible for creating strategic urban outreach initiatives for companies such as McDonald’s and Illinois State Lottery. His direct client experience also includes: Encyclopedia Britannica, Wal-Mart, State Farm, Chase Bank, Sheraton Spas, Chicago Public Schools, NFL, Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, and Barack Obama.

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Ryan Nelson

Ryan brings to the table 15 years of experience in project management and exceptional levels of customer service. His organizational skills and dedication to meeting high pressure deadlines has been finely honed through overseeing countless projects in the pharmaceutical, banking, and real estate industries, serving such companies as Abbott Laboratories, JPMorgan Chase, and Coldwell Banker.

Ryan is highly skilled at developing a great sense of individual customer’s needs and the best approach to fulfilling them, be it offering products and services, troubleshooting, or connecting them with the most effective resources to provide a complete package in a timely fashion. His strong desire for open communication and his eagerness to please customers serves as a strong asset to Metro Ad Men, and rounds out a highly skilled and creative team that customers love to work with.

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